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My professional face is on the home page, or on the resume.

I was born and spent most of my lifetime in Shanghai, China. Now I am living in Seattle area with my wife and a Devron Rex cat names “DingDing (丁丁)“.

Dingding is taking a nap

Content from here

Writing and rephrasing is the best way to fully understand the topics you are learning. I jot down here in this small corner on the Internet about the topics I am interested in: the tangible #embedded things, opinionated views on #uxdesign, murmurs about #product, play and brick a pile of #gadgets, journey from #brewery and on and on…

Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the post, I would like to clarify that none of the content is sponsored by any of the companies or manufacturers mentioned in the posts.

And as usual, all the opinions are my own.

The stack of this site

To keep this site minimal and easy in stacks, I use: